What people saying…

Sheyona Melani“Your expertise and mastery has impacted me to have more courage to claim my own space – front and centre stage in my life. Thanks again for being you!”

Sheyona Melani, Entrepreneur & Healer

“I first started seeking treatment from Lisa a bit more than a year ago under the advisement of some friends. Tales of her ability to trace the source of an ailment throughout the body were impressive to say the least. I went into the session with an open mind but, still quite honestly I, didn’t disclose all that much, but that did not seem to matter when it came to reading my bodys response from the questions she asked it. Topics of Toxicity, Physical problems and past emotional trauma came up as they needed to when they were ready to be resolved. With great professionalism and an honest, non-judgmental approach she treated the issues my body decided to be worked upon. ..I would highly suggest anyone to undergo a session, with Lisa you are in good hands.”

Client- Masseuse and Martial Arts Instructor

david“Centrestage Coaching was the highlight of my week, my presentation and my public speaking skills have improved greatly. I learned how to be more expressive and speak with a clearer voice. I’m also much more aware of my habits and body language that kept me from communicating well. Lisa is an amazing coach and her classes are always fun”

David Lam, MBA graduate student

Bernie-Pawlik-AutoRepairVancouver-Sm” I am very impressed with the development of your program and your professionalism; you have excellent skills in acting, voice and how to work with our bodies, insights into nuances of human behaviour and the high level of fun in the group classes is outstanding. I feel much more confident speaking in front of people and can push myself to be more expressive and interesting to my audience. I would highly recommend your Centrestage group or private coaching to anyone who wants to be a better presenter, a more vibrant human being or someone who just wants to have a heck of a lot of fun!”

Bernie Pawlik of Pawlik Automotive

Anita_Yung“As an aspiring voice actor, Lisa is my go-to body coach! She one of those body gurus that automatically know how to realign the body and unclog the flow of your natural body strength with just one look. This has especially helped me to connect more to my body and produce the colour in my voice.I cannot express my appreciation enough. Lisa is the body coach I’ve always wanted on my team to help me grow as an actor. Thank you Lisa for doing what you do! ”

Anita Yung,  Actor

Kevin Blatch“Lisa’s attention to detail allows her to evaluate what is working for you and what is bogging you down. I awakened to a realization just how connected the voice must be from all areas of the body… She helps you find that child within come back out to play with full voice and sheer abandonment….if you dare!”

Kevin Blatch, Actor

“My experience of Bodytalk with Lisa Dery as my practitioner leaves me knowing I am in the hands of someone exquisitely and thoroughly trained. Her skills of heart, grace of listening and clarity in her own body were essential to the emotional healing and alternative choices that were opened for me.”

Client, Actor & Theatre teacher

Danielle Fiddick“My experience at Centrestage has been one of the hi-lights of 2014 for me. Lisa works with the body and mind in her exercises. It was so refreshing to have gentle feedback and tips on how to be more myself, be more comfortable (not to mention saving my teeth!) I have been able to incorporate all of it into my everyday life, and have seen great results. Besides Lisa’s guidance, being a small group setting brings out the fun – don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard, and so often! My classmates became my teammates, and everyone supported each other’s progress. Centrestage Coaching is an amazing time that you will not regret.”

Danielle Fiddick, Director of Administration for Zane David Enterprises Inc.

“I was having trouble with my cat who was peeing on the floor at times instead of her litter tray. The vet confirmed that she had the beginning of thyroid problems, not a behavioural issue and there was nothing she could think of to help with the issue. I tried everything I could think of. I put extra litter trays out and cleaned them 3 times a day, I put her paw in it and then showed her the tray, nothing was working. A friend suggested that I contact Lisa who does Body Talk work. I didn’t know if it would work on a cat but I had nothing to lose. Lisa worked on her remotely with just a picture. She called me that evening to update me on what she had found and gave me some instructions. By the end of that week my cat was using her litter tray and has not looked back since. I am so grateful to you Lisa – I was at my wits end not knowing what to do with her. We are both happy again!”

Karen Mann, Self Employed home care-worker

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for today. Since my car accidents, I have felt so disconnected from my body, and have not felt sexy at all. It’s been a difficult journey for me, as I once was someone who was very connected and comfortable in my body. I came away from your workshop today – feeling so much more connected to my body and breath, and I thank you for creating a safe place for me to re-discover that.”

Lauren, Actress and producer

“Lisa helped me find a side of myself that had lain dormant for many years. In the busy-ness of work, home and family responsibility, I had forgotten my sensuous, creative nature until I need to access it for a stage performance. In a few sessions with Lisa, I was moving more confidently, enjoying a playful and fluid relationship to my body that allowed me to physically inhabit my character. Lisa’s Dance from the Heart class helped me and my cast mates find the sensuality in the very challenging roles of exotic dancers. Audience members repeatedly commended us for the comfort level we showed in our bodies and for inspiring them to seek that confidence for themselves. I believe that Lisa’s work with the cast helped us win two Best Ensemble awards in BC theatre competitions. I know that she inspired my performance and reminded me of my sensual nature. Thank you, Lisa!!”

Amy Starkey, Administrative Assistant, Director and Mom




“Lisa is a treasure trove of love, knowledge and unexpected experience. Dance from the Heart is my favorite class! Way better than any pole/strip class that I’ve taken! Lisa takes sexual dancing into a deeper level so that we can genuinely connect with how we naturally want to move and feel in the body. That genuine connection carries everything beyond the classroom, whereas a regular pole/strip class fades from memory after a day because it holds no personal value to me. Each time I walked out of Lisa’s dance class I’ve never felt so loved, sexy, and empowered for myself. And I still carry it with me today! ”  Anita Yung, website editor and actress