Centrestage Coaching


  • Do you avoid speaking in public?
  • Do you freeze when all eyes are on you?
  • Do you squeak when you’d rather roar?

In this class series we will explore vocal and movement tools, use playful improvisational games and work with text to build confidence and charisma. Learn the secrets of performance to unlock your joy in being ‘centrestage’.

With the support of a small classroom setting, you will discover what holds you back from taking centrestage in life and use the tools of theatre to transform limiting beliefs and old voice and posture patterns.

In this eight-week program you will learn the quality of communication needed to succeed and increase your personal charisma allowing you the freedom to confidently step into the spotlight.

Whether you want to win your next audition, dissolve those ‘butterflies’ before a public event or find the courage to speak to your boss, this class will help you. I have designed Centrestage for actors and non-actors alike, to develop skills for successful living.

The next Centrestage Coaching event happens this fall.  Develop your personal tool box of  presentation skills and have fun while doing it! Contact Lisa for more details.